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Boat Insurance UK: Tips for Boat Insurance

boat insurance uk

Firstly, If you are not sure whether your policy is good for you, please contact a broker or insurer for maritime insurance who can advise you accordingly. 

As a specialist for boat insurance for over 40 years, companies such as Bishop Skinner offers its customers competent advice and innovative insurance solutions.

Their dedicated team understands the risks of this diverse and sometimes complex sector and we have prepared a guide to help you navigate the complex world of ship insurance and the different types of insurance options.

RYA members receive a 10% discount when taking out a special marine insurance policy. 

Third party insurance can cover the costs of damage to the boat or property of another. This can provide cover for third party claims that could cause you legal difficulties, for example when you use an inland waterway network. You will need proof of liability insurance if you wish to use your boat as an authorized person using the boat. 

Type and Risk

Motor insurance for boats is usually classified by type and risk of vessel, and each type of vessel carries different risks. It goes without saying that a Sunseeker with a powerful engine costing millions of pounds is insured properly, but that will come at a price.

For almost all boat types, it is recommended, a boat insurance with a minimum insurance coverage of two years and a maximum coverage of three years. You can also take out insurance with Admiral Marine Insurance, which will offer you deductibles if you are hit by another ship while in dock.

Yachts with underwater equipment can be insured if an underwater object meets the underwater equipment of your yacht. 

Whether you are an experienced sailor or new to the boat industry, there are many considerations for a boat owner when it comes to insuring your boat. There are so many different types of boat insurance that the policy varies widely depending on the type of vessel and purpose. 

For example, some mortgage companies insist on insuring your boat against the loss of the ship in an accident, fire or other natural disaster. Although this is not normally required by law in most waters, it can make financial sense to provide such coverage. We all know that boat insurance was one of our earliest known forms of insurance, but what about the other forms? 

The old sailors knew first-hand the risks of life at sea and tried to insure their boats against hurricanes and other unpredictable weather conditions in the waters. Boat insurance may vary in terms of benefits or does not cover them, based on a number of considerations, including boat type, how many months of the year your boat is used, weather conditions, and the size and shape of your vessel.

Different types of boats have different insurance policies and yacht owners need to check their policies. The RYA says dinghies should be given full racing coverage by default, but there are a few basic types of coverage that can be expected. Some contain racing sleeves, while others require additional or special sleeves. 

Normally the racing hull protects only on yachts Mast, spar, sail and rig, but some providers may allow you to extend the cover to the masts, spars and sailboats. 

Costs Can be High

insurance for boats
Fast luxury yacht insurance

If you are investing thousands of pounds in something like a boat, it is generally recommended to insure it. Boat insurance may vary depending on the type of insurance you wish to take out.

If you buy and sail your boat or are in other countries, get your ship financing from a UK ship insurance company or one of your local insurance providers.

British Boat Insurance UK UK British Boat Insurance buys a boat insurance UK if you keep the boat in a port or port. 

To obtain a license, your boat must be insured and have a boat safety certificate, a kind of MOT for the boat. The price can be reduced if you have a qualified skipper or helmsman who is responsible for all aspects of boat operation, such as safety, maintenance and safety equipment. 

The Canal and River Trust, which advises canal and river owners, says the insurance must include a safety certificate for the boat and an insurance policy.

The Inland Waterways Association provides a range of towing companies operating on UK inland waterways, including the National Marine Breakdown Company and the British Waterway Service. According to the PS3 website, up to £4m a year, with a full-time employee receiving a maximum of £5m. 


While the UK does not have the same requirements that boat owners have to have insurance, there are many waterway authorities and marinas that require at least third party liability. 

Let’s face it: insuring your beloved but expensive asset is just reasonable, so how do you sift through the myriad insurance options to get the right cover for your boat? Like a car or a house, there are hundreds of shipping insurance options, and they are all very different but hopefully our guide has helped you to determine what is best for you.

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